There And Back Again


On the 12th of August 1995, in Woolpit, Suffolk the fans gathered for the first time.

The first ever Discworld Event was generously hosted by Bob and Trish Baker who at that time owned Clarecraft. The location was an empty warehouse on their business estate which was
situated in a worked-out sand pit just outside the village of Woolpit. Isobel organized it and all the good folk of Clarecraft made it happen.
Picture the scene:
Think of Klatch, slightly fewer flies and absolutely no camels but a hot sun beating down on the tin roof of an empty warehouse surrounded by sand which gently edged its way in through the open doors. Several hundred fans, many in costume, queued to have books signed; the band played and the Morris men danced. The temperature climbed until Terry abandoned his fedora and replaced it with a rather fetching tea-towel soaked in cold water – and continued to sign.
A less likely place for magic to happen would be hard to find but magic happened and if you were there you became a part of it. That weekend twenty years ago friendships were made that still endure, traditions were established and the abiding memories of laughter, companionship and fun are still fresh.

3 thoughts on “There And Back Again

  1. I think my first Clarecraft event was 1999. I had planned to go to the 1997 one but it clashed with my Dad’s 50th Birthday so couldn’t attend. I have really great and fond memories of the Clarecraft events. Many of the Clarecraft traditions live on in spirit at events like Wadfest and the regular meeting in Wincanton. Long may the continue.

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  2. Oh Thank you !! We are enjoying these pictures so much ! ❤


  3. I have one single memory of that first and that is that could not attend because I had to go to York for an Open University summer school. Trish only informed me about it the week before it happened and at that point there was no way I could reschedule, but that was the only Woolpit, Discworld event I ever missed and this has brought back a lot of the memories of those times back to me, Thus I write this short message with a tear in the eye and a smile on my face for all of those who came and went.


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