She Stood On The Stage With A Pointed Finger

pam 1

A slender and upright figure in dusty black skirts and pointy hat stood still on the stage. People stopped their conversations and the room quietened. When she had their full attention Granny Weatherwax raised her hand, pointed her finger and stared at her creator for a full minute before sweeping off the stage.
The effect was startling and there was a stunned silence as we all wondered quite what we had seen.
There were nervous giggles followed by Terry’s voice ‘I don’t know who you are but don’t ever do that to me again.’
Pam Gower, for it was indeed her, did make later appearances at various events and conventions sometimes as a little old lady selling apples or a little old lady collecting firewood. She became the official likeness of Granny Weatherwax and her image appeared in Paul Kidby’s illustrations and later, in 1999, the bust that he sculpted for us.

granny drawn and sculpted

Paul Kidby drew then sculpted Granny based on Pam’s look

10 thoughts on “She Stood On The Stage With A Pointed Finger

  1. Wonderful! I did not know there was a real person behind Granny, whom I adore.I always imagined her to look like my grandmother, and they are in fact, very much alike!


  2. Pam was just so good at costumes! I remember every day at the Con in Liverpool, she had so many different costumes and I could never recognise her. Never managed to beat her & win the golden turtle…Elizabeth Alway


  3. Pam is my beloved Aunt, and the last on my father’s side of my family. She will be 90 this Friday on 26 Jun 2020. Not sure if anyone reads this blog anymore…but needed recording
    John Gower


    1. Well, you know, what – I’m sat here on Friday 26th June 2020, listening to a podcast recorded some 6 months ago by Bernard Pearson and Rob Wilkins which led me here. Happy 90th birthday Pam/Granny.


  4. I don’t have a favorite Discworld Character but I do know that Terry going didn’t hit me as hard as I believed it would.
    I was driving and listening to the audiobook when we lost Granny – I pulled off the road and sobbed my heart out. I’m sobbing right now remembering. That’s when it hit – all that we’d lost.
    I hope your Granny is still with you. A special lady.

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  5. GNU Pam Gower, Granny to so many, great opponent at the Witch Trials at the Discworld Jamboree. A Great Lady, and a lovely soul.


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