Where Are You Now?

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4 thoughts on “Where Are You Now?

  1. The lovely woman, Tracy Fleming, who used to cut my hair here in the middle of France told me she’d been to the first Clare Craft gatherings when she lived in England. We bonded over Discworld and spent some great times together. She has gone from France and I do not know where, or, as she was feeling quite poorly, if she is even still alive. If anyone knows of her, I’d appreciate hearing. I wish I had been there, I got introduced to Discworld in about 1990 or 91, but didn’t know about gatherings or cons for many years.


  2. Really great pictures, i can see theese people now, grinning with the memories and fervently praying their children dont see them.


  3. Dear Uncle Bernard and Auntie Isabel, Mari and I fell into discworld in an attempt to ‘get a life’. It worked. We found you, and shop and Conventions but never knew of your ‘previous’……. Verry Happy to see you are make a full and free statement of events, which, I feel sure help the rest of us understand all your beginnings…dont you look slim in your official uniform!


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